Saturday, December 03, 2016
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Welcome to ICP Waters         

International Cooperative Programme on Assessment and Monitoring Effects of Air Pollution on Rivers and Lakes 

ICP Waters was established in July 1985 under the United Nation Economic Comission for Europe (UNECE) Executive Body of the Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution (LRTAP). UNECE is a catalyst in the international work aiming at reducing transboundary air emissions. The Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA) is the institutional programme centre for ICP Waters.

ICP Waters is a programme for monitoring of the effects of acid rain and air pollution on water and water courses. Twenty countries (18 European countries, USA and Canada) participate and supply monitoring data to the programme's central database at NIVA. The monitoring data provide a basis for documenting effects of long-range transboundary air pollutants. An additional important programme activity is to contribute to quality control and harmonisation of monitoring methods. Results from annual assessments of surface water chemistry and biology demonstrate the success of international agreements to reduce emissions of pollutants. 

The programme is financed by the Norwegian Environment Agency that also heads the work. 




Announcement of Task Force meeting 2017

The next ICP Waters Task Force meeting will be held in Uppsala, Sweden, May 9 to 11. It will be held jointly with the Task Force meeting of ICP Integrated Monitoring.


Minutes from the ICP waters meeting

 Minutes from the joint ICP Waters and ICP Integrated Monitoring in Asker Norway are now  available 

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ICP Waters report 126/2016

Proceedings of the 31st Task Force meeting of the ICP Waters Programme in Monte Verità, Switzerland, October 6-8, 2015. ICP Waters report 126/2016

available in our report archive


ICP Waters report 125/2015

The WGE trend report on Trends in ecosystem and health responses to long-range transported atmospheric pollutants has now been published.

 It can also be found in our report archive


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