ICP Waters TF meeting 2022 – presentations


  • Structure of the Convention and recent CLRTAP activities (Krzysztof Olendrzynski, Secretariat)
  • Reports from Working Group on Effects and the Bureau (Chair WGE, Isaura Rabago)
  • Current issues ICP IM (Chair ICP IM, Ulf Grandin)
  • Current issues ICP Waters (Chair ICP Waters, Heleen de Wit)

Thematic session

Acidification, thresholds, and recovery


NEC directive

Biodiversity, biological indices, and recovery

Dynamic modelling

  • Update on CDM activities, Thomas Scheushner, Germany
  • DAEMONS modelling, Martyn Futter, Sweden (online)

Common sessions of ICP Waters and ICP Integrated Monitoring

Separate ICP Water Task Force meeting