Scientific papers

The table below lists the peer-reviewed papers associated with the ICP Waters programme. If you are involved in the project and your work is published, please let us know so we can update the list.

Year Title Authors Journal
2018 Present status of water chemistry and acidification under nonpoint sources of pollution across European Russia and West Siberia Moiseenko, T.I., Dinu, M.I., Gashkina, N.A., Jones, V., Khoroshavin, V.Y., Kremleva, T.A. Environmental Research Letters, 2018; 13: 1-12
2016 Temporal and spatial patterns in the chemistry of wet deposition in Southern Alps Rogora M, Colombo L, Marchetto A, Mosello R, Steingruber S Atmospheric Environment, 2016, 146, 44-54
2014 Trends in Surface Water Chemistry in Acidified Areas in Europe and North America from 1990 to 2008 Garmo, Ø. A., Skjelkvåle, B. L., de Wit, H.D., Colombo, L., Curtis, C., Fölster, J., Hoffmann, A,. Hruška,J., Høgåsen, T., Jeffries, D. S., Keller, W.B.,Krám, P.,Majer, V.,Monteith, D. T., Paterson, A.M., Rogora, M., Rzychon, D., Steingruber, S., Stoddard, J.L., Vuorenmaa, J. and Worsztynowicz, A. Water, Air, & Soil Pollution 2014; 225: 14.
2013 Thirty years of chemical changes in alpine acid-sensitive lakes in the Alps Rogora M, Colombo L, Lepori F, Marchetto A, Steingruber S, Tornimbeni O Water, Air & Soil Pollution, 2013, 224:1746
2011 Chemical and biological recovery of Lake Saudlandsvatn, a formerly highly acidified lake in southernmost Norway, in response to decreased acid deposition Hesthagen, T., A. Fjellheim, A. K. Schartau, R. F. Wright, R. Saksgård and B. O. Rosseland Science of the Total Environment 2011; 409: 2908-2916.
2008 Selective exploitation of large pike Esox lucius—Effects on mercury concentrations in fish populations Sharma CM, Borgstrøm R, Huitfeldt JS, Rosseland BO Science of the Total Environment 2008; 399 (1-3): 33-40.
2007 Brown Trout in Lochnagar: Population and Contamination by Metals and Organic Micropollutants Rosseland BO, Rognerud S, Collen P, Grimalt JO, Vives I, Massabuau JC, Lackner R, Hofer R, Raddum GG, Fjellheim A, Harriman R, Piña B Lochnagar: The Natural History of a Mountain Lake 2007; Chapter 12: 253-285.
2007 Dissolved organic carbon trends resulting from changes in atmospheric deposition chemistry. Monteith, D. T., J. L. Stoddard, C. D. Evans, H. A. de Wit, M. Forsius, T. Hogasen, A. Wilander, B. L. Skjelkvale, D. S. Jeffries, J. Vuorenmaa, B. Keller, J. Kopacek and J. Vesely Nature 2007; 450: 537-540.
2005 Regional scale evidence for improvements in surface water chemistry 1990–2001. Skjelkvåle, B., J. Stoddard, D. Jeffries, K. Tørseth, T. Høgåsen, J. Bowman, J. Mannio, D. Monteith, R. Mosello and M. Rogora Environmental Pollution 2005; 137: 165-176.
2002 Mercury and Organochlorine Contamination in Brown Trout (Salmo Trutta) and Arctic Charr (Salvelinus Alpinus) from High Mountain Lakes in Europe and the Svalbard Archipelago Rognerud S, Grimalt JO, Rosseland BO, Fernandez P, Hofer R, Lackner R, Lauritzen B, Lien L, Massabuau JC, Ribes A Water, Air and Soil Pollution: Focus 2002; 2 (2): 209-232.
2001 Assessment of nitrogen leaching at ICP-Waters sites (Europe and North America). Stoddard, J. L., T. S. Traaen and B. Skjelkvåle Water, Air, & Soil Pollution 2001; 130: 781-786.
2001 Trends in surface water acidification in Europe and North America (1989–1998). Skjelkvåle, B., J. L. Stoddard and T. Andersen Water, Air, & Soil Pollution 2001; 130: 787-792.
2001 Critical limit of acidifying compounds to invertebrates in different regions of Europe. Raddum, G. G. and B. L. Skjelkvale Water Air and Soil Pollution 2001; 130: 825-830.
2001 ICP Waters—an International Programme for Surface Water Monitoring. Kvaeven, B., M. J. Ulstein, B. L. Skjelkvåle, G. G. Raddum and H. Hovind Water, Air, & Soil Pollution 2001; 130: 775-780.
2001 Coordinated effects monitoring and modelling for developing and supporting international air pollution control agreements. Bull, K. R., B. Achermann, V. Bashkin, R. Chrast, G. Fenech, M. Forsius, H. D. Gregor, R. Guardans, T. Haussmann, F. Hayes, J. P. Hettelingh, T. Johannessen, M. Krzyzanowski, V. Kucera, B. Kvaeven, M. Lorenz, L. Lundin, G. Mills, M. Posch, B. L. Skjelkvale, M. J. Ulstein and E. B. U. W. G. Ef Water Air and Soil Pollution 2001; 130: 119-130.
2000 Results from the Italian participation in the International Co-operative Programme on Assessment and Monitoring of Acidification of Rivers and Lakes (ICP Waters). Mosello, R., A. Marchetto, M. C. Brizzio, M. Rogora and G. A. Tartari Journal of Limnology 2000; 59: 47-54.
1999 Regional trends in aquatic recovery from acidification in North America and Europe. Stoddard, J. L., D. Jeffries, A. Lükewille, T. Clair, P. Dillon, C. Driscoll, M. Forsius, M. Johannessen, J. Kahl and J. Kellogg Nature 1999; 401: 575-578
1999 The ecophysiology and ecotoxicology of fishes as a tool for monitoring and management strategy of high mountain lakes and rivers in acidified areas Rosseland BO, Massabuau JC, Grimalt J, Hofer R, Lackner R, Rognerud S, Lien L Zoology 1999; 102 (2): 90-100.
1997 Acidification trends in surface waters in the international program on acidification of rivers and lakes Newell, A. D. and B. L. Skjelkvale Water Air and Soil Pollution 1997; 93: 27-57.
1995 Critical limits of acidification to invertebrates in different regions of Europe. Raddum, G. G. and B. L. Skjelkvale Water Air and Soil Pollution 1995; 85: 475-480.



Data from the ICP Waters programme has been incorporated into almost 100 reports and technical articles. The full publication catalogue can be browsed, searched and downloaded at the NIVA Open Research Archive. A selection of the most recent reports are shown in the table below.

Report number Year Title Link
138 2018 Biological intercalibration: Invertebrates 2018
137 2018 Intercomparison 1832: pH, Conductivity, Alkalinity, NO3-N, Cl, SO4, Ca,Mg, Na, K, TOC, Tot-P, Al, Fe, Mn, Cd, Pb, Cu, Ni, and Zn
136 2018 Proceedings of the 34th Task Force meeting of the ICP Waters Programme in Warsaw, Poland, May 7-9, 2018
135 2018 Regional assessment of the current extent of acidification of surface waters in Europe and North America
134 2017 Intercomparison 1731: pH, Conductivity, Alkalinity, NO3-N, Cl, SO4, Ca, Mg, Na, K, TOC, Al, Fe, Mn, Cd, Pb, Cu, Ni, and Zn
133 2017 Biological intercalibration: Invertebrates 2017
132 2017 Spatial and temporal trends of mercury in freshwater fish in Fennoscandia (1965-2015)
131 2017 Proceedings of the 33rd Task Force meeting of the ICP Waters Programme in Uppsala, Sweden, May 9-11, 2017
130 2016 Biological intercalibration: Invertebrates 2016
129 2016 Intercomparison 1630: pH, Conductivity, Alkalinity, NO3-N, Cl, SO4, Ca, Mg, Na, K, TOC, Al, Fe, Mn, Cd, Pb, Cu, Ni and Zn
128 2016 Proceedings of the 32nd Task Force meeting of the ICP Waters Programme in Asker, Oslo, May 24-26, 2016
127 2016 Biodiversity of macro-invertebrates in acid-sensitive waters: trends and relations to water chemistry and climate
126 2016 Proceedings of the 31st Task Force meeting of the ICP Waters Programme in Monte Verità, Switzerland October 6 to 8, 2015
125 2015 Trends in ecosystem and health responses to long-range transported atmospheric pollutants

ICP Waters manual

The ICP Waters manual describes methods, operations and protocols to promote the international harmonisation of monitoring practices. The document is also an overall guide to the activities of – and the priorities set by – the Programme Centre in Oslo.

Minutes from Task Force meetings

The minutes from the annual Task Force meetings can be found on the Meetings page.

Other publications

Other relevant publications (articles, presentations etc.) are listed in the table below.